With over 30 years of experience manufacturing computerized engraving machines and CNC routers, Vision's small format systems are perfect for those who require an engraving machine but only have limited space. 

With table sizes ranging from 63mm x 150mm to 200mm x 250mm, these compact machines are versatile, high-quality engravers that will fit on most countertops.

iMARC-IT: An all-in-one engraving system with no requirements to purchase a computer or software. Offers a 63mm x150mm engraving area with multi-mat fixture insert. 

Express: Quality made system at a low price, offering a 150mm x 200mm engraving area with aluminum T-slot table. 

: Includes a full-featured front panel with independent Z-Axis and spindle controls, with a 200 x 250mm engraving area and comes with a T-slot table. 

Ideal for projects too big for small engravers to handle, the medium format engraving machines are suitable for mid-size projects and applications. Starting with the Phoenix 1212 to the 1624 Pro, Vision's medium size engravers are a perfect blend of size and functionality.

For projects needing more power, the Vision 16 Series has table sizes ranging from 400mm x 300mm to 400mm x 600mm. Options include a high-speed NSK spindle and Unist Misting System, which allow you to deep engrave stainless steel and other hard metals.

Phoenix 1212: Features optical "Deep Vise" for engraving items 80mm thick, with a 300mm x 300mm engraving area with aluminum T-slot table.

1612: Features a red laser pointer for easy set-up, with a 400mm x 300mm engraving area with aluminum T-slot table.

1624: Includes all features of the 1612, with a larger 400mm x 600mm engraving area with aluminum T-slot table.
Suitable for engraving large items or for high volumes of work, the Vision large format engravers provide an industrial-grade solution with state-of-the-art electronics and backed by a 2 year warranty. With the ability to do precise, repeatable work, you can capitalize on large-run projects and applications.

2424 Engraver: Inlcudes a 610mm x 610mm engraving area with an aluminium T-slot and material guides. Engraves items up to 48mm thick (89mm thick or more with custom risers).

2448 Engraver: Includes a 610mm x 1220mm engraving area with an aluminium T-slot, material guides and red laser pointer for easy set-up.
With the capability to engrave glass, flat, round and odd-shaped items, Vision's Specialty Engravers provide ultimate versatility. Utilizing a multi-axis platform with a built-in surface sensor and cylindrical feature, these rotary engraving machines are ideal for round surfaces and curves. And for flat objects, the Specialty Engravers easily transition by attaching a T-slot table.

A self-contained, re-circulating water pump also enables users to engrave glass surfaces. The Specialty Engravers also allow engraving on both the inside and outside of most rings and bracelets with the optional Ring Attachment accessory.

MAX Engraver: A heavy-duty cylindrical engraving machine with versatile T-slot table and the ability to engrave up to 280mm in diameter and flat items up to 200mm x 300mm (and up to 280mm thick).

MAX PRO Engraver: Includes a re-circulating water pump for glass engraving, with a 200mm x 300mm aluminium T-slot table and 75mm spindle travel.
Vision's CNC routers are ideal for professional production shops, with the CNC machines achieving precise, repeatable work, so you can capitalize on large run jobs and projects.

Featuring state-of-the-art electronics and software, coupled with a variety of CNC systems to choose from, there's numerous application options with the CNC Router.

The Rotary Attachment also allows users to engrave cylindrical items up to 250mm in diameter, or deep engrave in stainless steel with the NSK high-speed spindle and Unist misting system options.

1624R: Includes all features of the 1624, with a 407mm x 610mm engraving area with T-slot table.

2525: Features a heavy-duty extruded gantry (175mm clearance) and high-quality tubular steel base and stand, with a 635mm x 635mm T-slot table.

2550: Featuring all the benefits of the 2525, the 2550 Router is available with an aluminium T-slot table or with a 635mm x 1270mm Vacuum Table.

VR48 ROUTER: Includes new series 4 controller with hand-held pendant and 1295mm x 2489mm T-slot table.
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