This compact system provides an economical way to get started in laser marking. The table system is outstanding for individual parts and small series of a wide range of materials. The OYSTER® is ideal whenever small parts must be identified or engraved quickly, flexibly and with the highest quality. Thanks to its table layout, the machine can be set up at any workstation without problem. Applications for the OYSTER® include jewellery, medical and tool industries, advertising and wherever laser marking and/or engraving could not be used in the past for reasons related to space or cost.


This machine at the top of the ACSYS product range offers high performance and quality with a minimum footprint. Fiber laser systems with exceptional beam quality make the PIRANHA® a unique production machine for laser marking and engraving. For high-precision marking such as punch marks, fine engraving or 3D micro laser engraving, the system offers high-resolution camera systems, precision packages and a multi-axis system with up to five movable linear and rotary axes. This system can also be customised to suit any application.

This machines are at the top of the ACSYS product range, offering high performance and quality with a minimum footprint.

PIRANHA Tag Feeder
The PIRANHA Tag Feeder works in fully automated mode. It can be fitted with multiple tag magazines, each for different size tags, allowing for the marking of different sizes in a single process.

PIRANHA with Foil Handling
The PIRANHA with Foil Handling works in fully automatic mode to mark and cut rolls of foil labels.

PIRANHA with Optical Part Recognition
Based on the PIRANHA, this machine combines fully automated processing and Optical Parts Recognition (OPR).

The PIRANHA-µ has been specifically developed for the minting industry. This laser system combines five solutions for specific coin-producing requirements.

The all-in-one solution from ACSYS with its generously dimensioned and easily accessible working area offers enough space for large or palletized workpieces. The vibration-free machine bed, made of vibration-inhibiting, temperature-stable polymer concrete is ideally suited to industrial needs. The flexible layout of the BARRACUDA® make it the ideal basis for customer-specific solutions.High-performance fibre lasers or diode-pumped lasers with high-speed writing heads guarantee the greatest precision with the shortest machining times. Multi-axis solutions expand the range of the BARRACUDA®, making it a partially or fully automated production unit.

The flagship of the ACSYS line offers impressive performance and extremely high precision. It is ideal for fast marking, deep engraving, relief structure, filigree texturing or for producing 3D shapes with the highest surface quality. Precise laser sources with up to 110 Watt ensure adequate power reserves. A sturdy structure with polymer concrete ensures temperature stability and vibration damping and forms the ideal basis for the great precision of the SHARK®. Up to 7 movable axes with linear movable columns and additional rotary swivelling axes for the galvo head or workpiece offer maximum flexibility, even for large or palletised workpieces and special components. Optional extensions including image recognition, depth control, precision packages and customer-specific special attachments leave no need unanswered and make the SHARK® an ideal tool for industrial production.

The ACSYS power system provides maximum flexibility in terms of size and weight for an extremely wide range of workpieces. The hydraulic lift table option and flexible working area make it possible to load large heavy workpieces and mark and/or engrave them wherever necessary. Palletised workpieces can be processed automatically. With 3 NC controlled linear axes, the ORCA® offers a machining surface of at least 1120 x 820 mm², providing maximum flexibility even for fully automatic operation. Powerful high-tech laser sources with high-speed galvo heads offer all the power needed for time-optimised laser machining.

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