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The FiberMark also offers a red dot laser at the push of a button, which I found to be very helpful when positioning odd-shaped items. And, as with all Epilog laser systems, the FiberMark uses Accupoint Motion Control Technology. In short, this is a linear encoder timing system that ensures the laser beam will be fired in the right place and at the right time. This technology accounts for the exceptional detail that can be achieved as the motion control system moves in increments as small as .00008".

Epilog “Dashboard” print driver software used to control the laser is clean, simple and easy to learn. It allows both raster and vector engraving to be done separately or in combination. For projects that require more control over settings, the Dashboard Color Mapping feature allows you to set independent speeds, power, frequency and focus settings based on the color used in your job layout. It’s also a convenient way to test materials at various settings since it allows you to perform multiple engraving tasks in a single job setup.

The FiberMark is intended for use with Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 but its open architecture allows it to be driven by almost any Windows-based program including CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Bartender, Word, Excel and AutoCAD, among others. My testing only involved the use of CorelDRAW X3 and X4.

By: Gerry Yarrish
Source: Model Airplane News

Epilog-Zing-24-image0Our RC hobby is a tool and workbench kind of activity. Once beyond the basics modelers begin to invest more time and effort with their models. Steadily a lifelong collection of tools develops. From specialty mini clamps, razor planes and X-Acto knives, to more serious power tools such as belt sanders, drill presses and metal lathes, the serious RC modeler constantly adds to his workshop and develops into skilled craftsman. It’s also common place for RC modelers to use CAD (computer Aided Design) programs to develop model airplane plans and have their parts produced with laser cutters. The hobby industry is rich with companies that offer laser-cutting services. Some cut to order while others produce complete or partial (flat) kits containing all the cut balsa and plywood parts with the customer supplying his own hardware and stick stock. Comparable with other high-end industrial-grade power-tools or shop equipment and priced about the same level as a complete turbine-engine-powered RC jet aircraft, Epilog Zing Series Laser cutters are within the reach of serious RC model builders.

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