Epilog Laser presents the webinar Industry Voices: Laser Marking Applications Across Multiple Markets.

This webinar features a panel discussion among laser users in the industrial, consumer, and maker segments. Panelists will discuss how lasers play an integral part of their day-to-day activities, primary applications, best laser practices, and much more. Discussion will include how the three different laser owner/operators use cutting/engraving technology, how they incorporate lasers into their current operations, the learning curves that come with adopting this type of equipment, as well as best practices for maximizing production.

Key take-aways of the webinar will include:
  • Learn how different industries utilize laser cutting/engraving systems;
  • Understand the features business owners look for most when selecting a laser engraving/marking system;
  • Learn the differences between incorporating a laser into an existing business versus purchasing a laser to start a business;
  • Discover best practices for marking on different substrates.
Speakers at the webinar include James Stanaway, Director of Marketing, Epilog Laser; Joel Hall, Owner, Platypus Paper; Rich Brull, Lead Tool Tech, Make48; and Greg Lindsey, Owner, Texas Laser Creations.

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