Take these wooden end tables. Durable and versatile for sure, but how do you make something so mass produced stand out? By laser engraving it, of course! Check out the steps below to learn how we engraved a custom map on these cute end tables.

end tables final 2

Materials Needed:

  • Ready to assemble end tables
  • Laser engraver (we suggest a CO2 laser such as any from the Epilog range)
  • Graphic design software (we run CorelDraw classes throughout the year)

Step 1: Customise your design

We've prepared artwork files for you to download and get started! Click here to download maps of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Tokyo, New York, Barcelona and London!

Open the artwork files and customise as necessary. 

end tables screenshot 1

If you would like to create your own map, watch our step by step CorelDRAW video guide on how to create your own artwork file for any city:

Watch on Alfex CNC YouTube

We can assist you in setting up your design at our Alfex Laser University open days in Melbourne and Brisbane, too!

Step 2: Engraving

Once you have modified the artwork to your liking, it is time to engrave. Load the table top into the laser and send the job. 

end tables machine 2

Step 3: Display

After the engraving is complete, wipe off any excess residues with a damp cloth. Assemble the end table according to the instructions, and you're done! These fantastic personalised gift ideas work perfectly for specialty gift shops, homewares stores, furniture stores, craft markets and online gift shops.  

end tables detail

Here we engraved a map of Melbourne onto our 3mm hardwood timber sheets - it's looking awesome up in our Melbourne Head office!

melbourne map engraving

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