DJR Team PenskeAs a sponsor of the V8 Supercar team DJR Team Penske, Alfex CNC Australia has become an increasingly active player within the field of motorsports, having already established themselves as a respected and reliable supplier of superior branded CNC machines within Australia.

 V8 Supercar Ride Day 2016

Earlier this year, DJR Team Penske held their V8 Supercar Ride Days. Among visitors from all over Australia was a group of lucky customers hand-picked by the team at Alfex CNC to participate in the exhilarating experience.  The group were privy to the opportunity to ride shotgun with well-known professional V8 Supercar drivers on the racetrack, hitting speeds of up to 270km/h!
Alfex CNC is a proud sponsor of the Dick Johnson Racing Team Penske (DJRTP) V8 Supercar team. Each year we get to take a bunch of lucky customers along to get driven at high speeds around the circuits by the actual drivers in the actual race cars.
This year the Ride Days were held at Queensland Raceway in QLD, Sandown Raceway in VIC and Eastern Creek in NSW and the exclusive group of Alfex CNC customers that took part in the ultimate V8 Supercar experience included:

From New South Wales:
  1. Alex Massey
  2. Anthony Dimmock
  3. Chris Dimmock
  4. Matt McNaughton
  5. Philip Matthews
  6. Zed Zhong
From Victoria:
  1. Alex Coslovich
  2. David Wilson
  3. Han Chang
  4. Jas Johnston
  5. Jim Kyriakou
  6. Vito Bila
From Queensland:
  1. Andrew Caulfield
  2. Gavin Johnston
  3. Haydn Brown
  4. Michael Kermeci
  5. Nick Kermeci

Alfex CNC customer, Jas Johnston, commented on the experience, “Getting the chance to have a ride in a V8 Supercar blew me away. It dramatically increased my respect for the skill that racing drivers have and the equipment and support teams that make it all possible.”


From CNC Machine Tools to motorsport

Many race teams in both America and Australia use CNC machines exclusively to machine  many of their race components. DJR Team Penske for example use  Haas CNC machine exclusively in their workshop – all supplied by Alfex CNC Australia. Haas Automation who is the American manufacturer of these machines also have a heavy involvement in motorsport with their own NASCAR team and in 2016 they debuted the first American led Formula One team in 30 years, Haas F1 Team.
While a passion for motorsport is unquestionably a significant influence of Alfex CNC’s involvement, there are also other motivations at play. Since its inception, Alfex CNC Australia has placed a major emphasis on providing products and equipment of the highest standard in quality, reliability, precision and accuracy – characteristics that are major contributors to achieving success on the race-track. Motorsport is synonymous with high performance and this perfectly aligns with Alfex CNC’s values as a provider within the machine tool industry.
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