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> Micro Meta

The 20w fiber laser marking machine with programmable z-axis, the Micro Meta is one of the most feature rich systems on the market. Extremely affordable it allows you to start marking metal items and engineered plastics cost-effectively. A reliable machine that is virtually maintenance free and built to last.

Key Features:
  • Galvo marking/engraving laser workstation
  • Class 1 enclosure with automatic pneumatic door
  • Robust 20w fiber laser source
  • Positioning diode with Lightmark function
  • 180 degree access when working in maintenence mode
  • Laser safe viewing panel
  • Software programmable Z-axis
  • Interchangeable lenses (70mm, 110mm, 180mm, 220mm)
  • Optional auto on/off BOFA filtration unit
  • T-slot table
  • Excellent 2D software
  • Start button
Optional Accessories:
  • Interchangable lenses
  • Rotary device
  • Fume extraction unit
  • Silent compressor (for pneumatic door)
  • Pre-configured PC

Laser Micro Meta Technical Data

                                                    WidthDepthHeightWeightFoot (x4) adjustability
Weight & Dimensions 450mm 1,005mm 880mm(+feet) 50kg approx. Height plus 40-75mm
Laser source Q-switched fiber laser 1060-1070nm optically isolated with random polarization Pulse energy 1mJ @ 30kHz, M2 <1.8 PRR 30-60kHz Pulse width <120ns Integrated (red) pointer @ 655nm

                                                    Single phase auto switching230 VAC 50Hz120 VAC 60Hz
Power Requirements   Consumption <1A 180W approx Consumption <1A 180W approx
Cooling All systems air-cooled
                                                    Operating SystemConnection
Computer Windows USB max 3m
                                                    Connecting portPressureOil/MoistureFlow negligible
Air Requirements (for pneumatic door) 12mm female push-fit Regulated 2 bar max Must be removed Recommended receiver 24L
                                                    Laser classEmergency stopKeyswitch power on/offKeyswitch maintenance
(class 4)
Laser safe viewing windowSide maintenance panelsCE and RoHSFDA
Safety & Security 1 Standard Standard Standard

135x135mm Protected by interlocks Compliant Approved 1320021-000
                                                    T -slot sizeIntegrated start buttonPneumatic doorZ-axis programmable by
Lotus mark control softwareRotary axis with chuckFume extraction
Miscellaneous 300x300x20mm   Standard Standard 1 copy Optional Mandatory – at extra cost depending on application
                                                    Main systemLaser sourceLabourWarranty extensionsService contracts
Warranty (T&C apply) 1 year 1 year Variable by territory Optional up to 4 years Optional
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