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The iMeta T is a Class 4 Fiber laser marking solution designed for industrial processes where space for integration is often very limited.

Such installations are typically dedicated to a single or very small number of specific marking tasks where it is common to integrate multiple marking systems within a single production line.

Therefore, as well as performance and reliability, the cost of this type of equipment is also of a major consideration.

There are two variants of iMeta: iMeta-c with a compact control housing and iMeta-t with a taller stand-alone control housing incorporating a shelf for a PC base unit.

Utilising the same key components as a C1 or C4 workstation, iMeta delivers all of the same connectivity and most of the functionality but at a significantly lower purchase price.

iMeta is scalable in terms of delivering performance matched to a budget and, should the primary marking task change, it is easy and cost effective to expand and upgrade.

Laser iMeta T Technical Data

                                                    WidthDepthHeightNet weightFoot (x4) adjustabilityWooden crate WDHGross weight
Weight & Dimensions 430mm 570mm 970mm 33kg Height plus 0-40mm 103 x 83 x 122cm 96kg
                                                    10.6 µm CO2 all metal RFCurrent unavailabe at this wavelength

Positioning (red dot)
pointer 655nm
Laser source options 1064nm Fiber IPG (Germany) 10w 0.5mJ pulsed
IPG (Germany) 20w 1mJ pulsed
IPG (Germany) 30w 1mJ pulsed
IPG (Germany) 50w 1mJ pulsed
Standard with all versions

                                                    All systems single phase230 VAC115 VAC
Power Requirements Consumption depending on laser source 50/60 Hz 50/60Hz
                                                    All Fiber laser systems
Cooling Integrated air-cooling
                                                    Operating SystemConnection
Computer Windows XP/7 USB max 3m
                                                    Laser classEmergency stopKeyswitch power on/offCERoHS
Safety & Security 4 Standard Standard Compliant Compliant
                                                    Diameter with 110mm lensDiameter with 180mm lensDiameter with 220mm lens
Lens mark areas - 1 supplied as standard 255mm 285mm 310mm
                                                    Umbilical cable tidy lengthPositionable exhaust hoseLaser safe eyewearZ -axis programmable by
Miscellaneous 2.6m max Optional 1 pair standard, extra pairs additional cost Optional

                                                    Main systemFiber laser sourceLabourWarranty extensionsService contracts
Warranty (T&C apply) 2 year 2 year Variable by territory Optional up to 5 years Optional
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