Alfex CNC was established in 1978 supplying machine tool accessories to Australian manufacturers and job shops. With the advent of CNC, Alfex CNC quickly recognized that CNC was the way of the future in manufacturing and began representing a range of CNC Lathes & Machining Centers. Over the years Alfex CNC has added only a select range of complementary products from machine tool builders with a track record for performance, reliability and the ability to properly support their products and us as their representative.

In September 2006 the company changed its name to Alfex CNC Australia and is proud to represent the following leading machine builders & suppliers:
  • Epilog Laser »
    CO2 & Fiber Laser Engraving & Cutting Systems
  • Coherent Laser »
    Compact Laser Cutting Systems for thin metals, thick plastics and timber
  • Hankwang Laser »
    High Powered CO2 Laser Cutting Systems with optional levels of automation
  • ACSYS Lasertechnik »
    Laser systems for marking, cutting, machining, 3D engraving, welding and cutting
  • Lotus Laser »
    High speed CO2 and fiber laser marking systems
  • Vision Engravers & Routers »
    Computerised Engraving & Routing Machines
  • Gemini Incorporated »
    High Quality Engraving Substrates for use with lasers, computerised engravers, routers and more
  • BOFA Laser Fume Extraction »
    Filtered Fume Extraction systems designed for use with laser marking, cutting and coding systems
  • Haas Automation Inc. »
    CNC Lathes, Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Routers & CNC Rotary Tables

"No matter how good or technically advanced the products you represent may be, or how sincere your dealer is when promising you excellent after sales service and support, neither is possible if the machine tool builder cannot properly support the dealer itself".

This is what separates Alfex CNC Australia from the rest of the field. The machine builders we represent have passed the test of time, they are worthy of our representation and they are the benchmark we place on all other suppliers we do business with.

  • To provide the best solutions for the requirements of our customers throughout Australasia.
  • To deliver the highest quality equipment, and offer service that is always on time and to the highest level of competence.
  • To maintain a level of professionalism, flexibility and team spirit that ensures our customers have an ongoing competitive edge.
  • To constantly seek new and better ways of meeting our customer's needs and exceeding their expectations.
  • To assist our customers in growing to be more efficient and most importantly - MORE PROFITABLE.

For over 30 years, Alfex CNC Australia has supplied the latest equipment and technologies from the world's leading CNC machinery manufacturers. Our range of premium machine solutions and laser service offerings incorporate the very latest in cutting edge CO2 and fiber laser technology for engraving, machining and cutting, as well as CNC machine tools and routers.

Alfex CNC provide industry-leading service and technical support. Our highly trained and dedicated staff have a proven track record for performance, reliability and support.

We actively partner with carefully selected machinery suppliers, who stand behind their products, ensuring we deliver the latest in industry-leading technology and support.

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